New film series: Pittsburgh's Avant-Garde

In 1971 a ragtag group of hippies, artists, poets and unemployed steelworkers founded the Pittsburgh Filmmakers (PF) media arts center, which soon became a bastion of creativity and experimentation with the film medium. The result was hundreds of films that were gritty, unabashedly working-class, formally innovative, and 100% independent from Hollywood.

Without ready access to this rich reservoir of films and stories, and tools for independent film and radical art-making, Pittsburgh film history cannot be built upon, retooled, modified, critiqued.

In response, this fall I have been working closely with PF to organize a once-in-a-lifetime microcinema series. The microcinema celebrates the PF organization as a catalytic force for the screening and making of avant-garde film.  With the help of Lauren Goshinski, the PF exhibitions director, we have gathered a selection of vibrant, sensual, and shocking 16mm films. It showcases some of the talent, diversity, and wild styles of local artists and important visitors from this era.

We are very excited for the future. Stay tuned for more information.